Metal Roofing Energy Benefits

Metal Roofing Energy Benefits at Herbe Miller Metal Supplier

If you’re looking for a great way to save costs on operating your home and help save the environment, one consideration is using
metal roofing. The metal roofing benefits are phenomenal. Just compare a standard metal roof to an asphalt roof.

An asphalt roof is made of oil byproducts. The roof will last approximately 15 years and then must sit as waste in a landfill. It’s non-degradable which means it’s not reusable material at all. It’s also costly to have asphalt roofing because the shingles intake the sun’s heat directly keeping your home too warm in the summer. This means you have a higher cooling bill because your air conditioning unit is working extra hard.


However, metal roofing is superb with its lost lasting shingles, of over 50 years. This is considered as lasting a lifetime. Our company provides Energy Star Certified Metal roofing. A homeowner may be able to earn a tax credit under the Energy Star Program. There, of course, are other advantages and energy benefits of metal roofing.

  • Besides being energy conscious, it’s also 100-percent recyclable material.
  • Exterior metal roofing reflects up to 95-percent of the suns solar rays.
  • Its low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • It’s versatile and withstands weather like rain, snow, heavy winds, and ice damage.
  • There are also green roofing materials available, which means they are made from recycled steel.
  • Save even more money with reduced insurance rates because it’s fire resistant and helps reduce fire from spreading across the home.

When you are looking at the lifelong savings of not needing to replace your roof and saving up to 20-percent of your energy bill, you’ll quickly see why metal roofing is the energy benefit you need!

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